Choose A Prepaid Debit Card That Fits Your Wallet

Prepaid debit cards took off in the ‘90s as credit card companies realized that a large amount of U.S consumers were not able to qualify for their credit cards. Many different prepaid cards with varying fees have been tried and tested by credit card companies since. With so many options available, how do you choose a prepaid debit card that’s right for you? Speedy Cash helps you find the best prepaid debit card for your needs.

A smart, cost-effective alternative to credit cards and traditional bank cards, prepaid debit cards have many advantages: they’re safer to carry than cash, you can use them worldwide, there are no bills or debt associated to the card, and they’re easy to reload. Even better, almost anyone can qualify for a prepaid card because there’s usually no credit check!

Prepaid debit cards vary in effectiveness depending on a person’s needs. Before researching the cheapest prepaid debit card stop to think about how you will use the card. Ask yourself what benefits do I need from a reloadable debit card? Include prepaid card advantages like direct deposit, bill payments, pin/debit transactions, signature purchases, ATM usage, overdraft protection, transferring money, shopping online, and live customer support.

Make sure to research fees associated with the card’s transactions. It’s important to find a prepaid card that charges the least amount of fees for actions you’re more likely to make. For example, if you’re looking to use a feature such as direct deposit, look for a card with little to no fees for direct deposit.

For a prepaid card with flexibility consider the opt+® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card which offers 3 types of cards to fit your needs. The “Pay as you Go” option is designed for those making occasional purchases and there is no monthly fee. The “Monthly” card has affordable fee options for those who want to use it more often. Finally, the “Direct Deposit” card allows you to use it like you would a bank account. Enjoy free direct deposit, no transactional fees, and overdraft protection. All cards offer features to meet your spending needs and free ATM usage at any Speedy Cash store. To get an opt+ card visit a Speedy Cash location near you.

Find out more about opt+® Visa® Prepaid Debit Cards.

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