Easter Outfits on a Budget

The Easter season is known for candy-filled eggs, Easter bunny decorations, and a reason to show off new spring clothing! Most children and adults have special Easter outfits they wear to celebrate the holiday. The date coincides with changes in the weather, calling for wardrobe adjustments (especially since children from 2 to 16 years old can grow anywhere from 2.5 to 5 inches in a year).

These growth spurts guarantee that new clothes can become a recurring theme this time of year.

This spring tradition can be costly, especially for large families. Don’t fret! Speedy Cash has compiled 5 tips to keep your expenses low and your family fully clad in season-appropriate clothing.

1.) Shop Consignment and Thrift Stores
This is not the season to find great deals on spring clothes at regular retail stores. These stores order new merchandise every season and hardly ever discount because they know the need for new clothing is there. Instead, spend time searching in second-hand stores. Barely used children’s clothing is a common discovery in these stores because of the nature of a growing child. It is, however, harder to find wearable adult clothing at these stores.

2.) Shop Smart
While it may be tempting to get that frilly dress or cute suit for your child, it is also less practical for financial reasons. You’ll get more for your money if you stick with clothes that can be worn on normal days, not just special occasions. Buy interchangeable pieces to the outfit such as khaki pants and a button-down, collared shirt for boys, and a skirt and top for girls.

3.) Skip the Accessories
Many Easter outfits come with special gloves, hats, and shoes. Skip them altogether or use accessories that are already around the house. Gloves and hats are less likely to be out-grown and can be modified for the season. Shoes are more complicated, but can be very versatile if you shop smart. A great option for boys is nice sneakers. Those can be worn year-round and they look nice with dress pants. Cheap sandals found at Walmart or K-Mart will work with a lot of girl outfits. Be sure to buy a neutral color – black, brown, white or tan – that will go with many different outfits.

4.) DIY (Do It Yourself)
Your child probably has clothing from last year that they’ve barely out-grown or that may not be weather appropriate. Learn how to do your own modifications; learning how to let out the hem in pants, or hemming pants or skirts to alter them are great tactics to save you money! If you do take the clothing to a tailor to make alterations, ask for the fee upfront to verify that it’s less than the cost of new clothes.

5.) Season for Garage Sales
Spring starts the season for hand-made signs and flags signifying garage sales. Everyone wants to get rid of the yearly clutter and that includes clothes their child can no longer wear. Garage sales are great places to find bargains on children’s clothes. In fact, it’s a great way for YOU to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit and make money to buy new clothes that do! Try one yourself.

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