The Love Affair with Money: Keeping the “Spark” Alive

Now that you’ve learned why you should love your money, the next step is learning how to keep that “spark” alive in your financial love affair. Relationships take commitment, hard work and dedication in order for them to grow and remain healthy. Sometimes relationships aren’t easy, and sometimes love is challenging – but Speedy Cash is here to help ensure that your love affair with your finances won’t fizzle out.

Create a Budget
If you truly love your money, be confident and smart in how you spend it. You can create a budget to help eliminate that buyer’s remorse feeling or the voice in your head asking “where is my money going?”. Budgets are one of the best ways to ensure you’re managing your money properly. Taking the time to organize your expenditures and flow of money will help you from making impulsive buys.

Pay Off Debt
Your financial love affair might bring ups and downs – debt, in this case, being a small bump in the road. Like all relationships, minor bumps can be worked through if commitment and goals are in mind. Paying off debt takes careful planning to get to where you want to be. As part of your budget, plan to pay off a certain amount of debt every month. To help you decide which debt to pay off first, factor in high interest rates and what will help your credit score.

Have Fun
To really keep that spark alive, make sure that you’re having some fun with your money! After organizing and planning your budget, do something fun for yourself. You work hard to earn your money and you deserve to treat yourself for your hard work. Worried that spending money on fun things will take a hit to your financial plan? Don’t fret – simply add “fun money” to your budget to allow for the spending.

The next step to keeping your love affair with your money prosperous is to enhance and maintain that relationship.

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