Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

With the brisk and brutal winter season approaching, it’s time to think about ways to prepare your home and your wallet for the winter weather. Properly taking care of your home during the winter months is essential not only for your safety and comfort level, but to keep your winter bills manageable. Not sure how to “winterize”? Don’t sweat it – Speedy Cash has quick and simple tips to make sure you’re prepared for the blustery winter!

  • Dodge the Draft: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5%-30% of your energy use. That’s energy and money just floating away! Inspect your home’s window and door seals for drafts. A quick and cheap solution is to create a “draft snake.” To create a draft snake, simply take a tightly rolled up towel and place it in the drafty areas. This will prevent cool air from entering your house, and heat from escaping – ergo, reducing your heating bill!
  • Use Ceiling Fans: To many of us, turning the fan on during wintertime seems silly and a little contradictory to having the heat on. What you may not know is that most ceiling fans have a switch that reverses the direction the blades go. Putting the fan in the clockwise setting will push warm air down and fill the room with warmer air. This cost-free, flip-of-a-switch tip could save you up to 10% on your heating bill!
  • Insulate Your Home & Windows: Adding insulation to key areas of your home is an essential step in winterizing. Poor insulation can rack up your heating bill as much as 20%! Indoor and outdoor window insulation kits are available for just a few dollars at most hardware stores. Adding this buffer against escaping heat is very cost-efficient! To understand what areas of your home may need extra blanket insulation, visit
  • Clean Your Gutters: If gutters are not drained properly, it’s common for the clogged residue to freeze. To avoid this messy and frozen situation (not to mention potential and possibly expensive damage to your home), clean your gutters out. Be sure to remove all debris from the downspout as well.
  • Inspect Your Heater: Regardless of the heating system you have in your house, it’s a good idea to have your heater inspected prior to winter. Just like a car, the better condition your heater is in, the better it will run – avoiding break-downs and repair costs!
  • Bundle Up: The cheapest way to stay warm and cut down on energy bills is to bundle up! Part of the winterizing process includes pulling out your wool sweaters and thick socks to stay warm. The warmer your clothing is, the less you will spend on your heating bill.

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