Fraud Protection: How to Avoid ID Theft

ID Theft and Financial Fraud can be detrimental to your life and your credit. That’s why Speedy Cash takes great care in protecting your information securely when you apply for a payday loan.

It might shock you when you find out how few personal facts fraudsters need in order to commit ID theft and other fraud crimes. As scary as it is, the most likely source of this basic information is YOU. Fraudsters can apply for a credit card simply with your name, full address and date of birth. So take great care of your personal information and follow these simple tips …

  • Question people who ask you for personal information and details. Ask them why they need them and don’t be afraid to refuse if something feels off.
  • Don’t write down passwords or PINs. If it’s literally the only way you can remember them, be sure to keep them separate and very well hidden (do not save passwords on your computer, or keep them with account numbers).
  • Invest in a decent shredder and make sure any letters or bills which aren’t being filed are completely destroyed before hitting the trash.
  • Make sure your home laptop or desktop computer is protected by a firewall and anti-virus software.
  • Never trust Emails asking for personal details, even if they look like they’re from a service provider you use (the Emails could be what is known as phishing). If you’re in doubt and think you might be ignoring something important, call your service provider instead of providing personal information via Email.

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