Celebrate Earth Day by Going Green to Save Green

Earth Day is tomorrow; what are you doing to make a difference for the health of the planet we call home? Not much, you say? What if we told you that you could save some serious CASH by going “green”? Would that entice you? We thought it might. Your team at Speedy Cash has compiled a list of 5 simple ways to help you Go Green to Save Green.

  1. Turn Off Unneeded Lights. Your dear ol’ Dad wasn’t just being stingy back when he fussed at you for leaving lights on after you left a room; he was trying to teach you to save energy and money. Dad probably knew that lighting is responsible for about 11% of a home’s energy bill. By turning off lights you don’t need, you’ll begin saving, and will extend the lifetime of all those light bulbs at the same time.
  2. Switch Out Your Light Bulbs. According to Energy Star, Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) use about 75% less energy than standard bulbs, and last up to 10 times longer. Don’t like the swirly shaped bulbs, you say? No problem! CFLs now come in many different shapes & sizes.
  3. Shut Down Your Computer. If you are like many of us these days, you spend quite a bit of time on your computer. You check Email and shop the web so often that you never turn the thing off! Turning off your computer after use will save energy and money.
  4. Skip the Bottled Water. Use a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it generates large amounts of container waste. Using a reusable aluminum or plastic water bottle will also save you from having to make room in the fridge for those not-so-compact water bottles!
  5. Cut Your Grocery Bill. If you follow two simple steps, you can easily cut your monthly grocery bill! Here’s how: (1) Shop for groceries no more than once every two weeks. This keeps you from buying too much and keeps foods from spoiling. (2) (No whining please!) Eat your leftovers. Good food too often goes to waste. Eat your leftovers for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you aren’t a good leftover eater, try cooking less to begin with or freezing a portion of your meal and saving it for another week!

Helpful Hint: Why not pick ONE way to go green and start making it a habit TODAY? On average, it takes only 21 days to create a habit.

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